Perfect Curation

We've cultivated a group of like-minded red-pill women on an internet forum and then rounded them up into an app so you could take your pick. Just swipe them a red pill and they're yours!

No Need For Jewelry

These women already understand you only buy things for yourself. Forget rings or flowers, your presence alone is the gift!

No Social Skills?

No problem! Our app comes preset with openers like "Want sum fuk?" and pictures of dicks, so you can pass every shit-test and get a 100% match every time.

Too Short or of Indian descent?

We're sorry this app is not for you. You've lost the genetic lottery.

 What if they don't like me?

What if they don't like me?

With our premium Alpha+ service, that doesn't matter. You can literally overwhelm their senses by projecting a super-asshole mentality. With features like: not returning phone calls, leaving single character texts like 'k,' and adding a 3-day delay between all replies, you're sure to win over the hearts of all of them!

Our Team

The best internet armchair scientists are on the job!
Albert Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
I'm Very, Very Smart. People just don't understand me.
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia
I can know everything and still be a virgin.

We don't need a Matrix metaphor for happy customers...

But if we had one it would probably be something like "our users are like the people of Zion, malnourished and haven't seen daylight in years..."

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